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Steve Walker

I really love “Blues Music” (as you probably do, too), especially the harmonica which is why I began this business. I’m a harmonica player and a graphic designer.

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Passionate Blues Player / Graphic Designer

My business is in Sherwood, Arkansas a couple of hours drive from the Mississippi Delta. Several years ago I needed a shirt for an upcoming performance but not just any shirt, it had to scream Blues Harp! After spending several hours and days on the internet, I just couldn’t find anything to fill that wish. So out of necessity came creation. I began to design and create tees for harmonica lovers. I wanted to provide quality merchandise to Blues Harp musicians and anyone who love the Blues!

I’m striving to make this a website that will offer you tees with a blues theme that are fun to wear. I will always do my very best to fill your orders quickly from our own stock. If you search the internet, you’ll only find the best looking Blue Harmonica Tees at harpkingtshirts.com.

We have a couple of goals, playing music, and providing you with merchandise that you’ll love to wear.

Thanks for giving us a try. Enjoy your shirt, and enjoy the Blues!

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